Bread Thievery and Cat vs. Gator

23 Jan

Dear Maroon,

Bear the cat and Archie should really meet. I suspect that either some amazing things would happen or everything would be destroyed. Either way it would be pretty funny. I like that your cat keeps bringing the boob inserts to people…maybe he wants Roscoe to wear them. Archie does not fetch things but he does like to steal them and take them to his lair (aka the bathroom). This began when he was a kitten and he got into the shower and brought out one of those lava rock pumice stone things. After that, he graduated to bread of any kind. He somehow dragged an entire loaf of sourdough out of the kitchen once and in general likes to tear open bags so that he can destroy the delicious offerings within. Sometimes the results are hilarious as seen above. He also pukes up hairballs on occasion and despite the fact that our entire apartment has hardwood floors or tile (or tacky linoleum in the kitchen), he manages to always puke on one of the bathroom rugs making the cleanup far more difficult. At least it’s not a coat though, that really sucks. I brought him back a plastic alligator from New Orleans and he does battle with every few days. Cat versus gator is one of my favorite things to watch because he cocks his head really spastically and leaps about before attacking the gator.

Jim was really tame and and didn’t even drink. His girlfriend looked to be about the same age as his daughter. I think she’s eastern European. Nobody got crazy which is a shame, because that’s the only amusement I ever get at work. Once we had to call an ambulance because this crazy lady thought her husband was having a heart attack. It later turned out that he was just thirsty (or dehydrated, whatever). Another time I called the cops because this tiny drunk asian girl got into a fight with her boyfriend and starting hitting him and then refused to leave the restaurant with him. She actually refused to leave even after he left so I called them to make her go away. That’s about as crazy as it gets, but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because I really don’t like people bothering me at work. Or talking to me at all.

We head down to South America in three weeks so that’s something to look forward to even though I have a million stupid things to take care of before then. We’re flying into Montevideo, Uruguay and staying there the first night ad then taking the buquebus (ferry) across to Buenos Aires the next day. We then fly to Bariloche the following day to spend a few days on a lake in Patagonia. After that we head back to Buenos Aires for another few days and then back to Montevideo for the last night. I’m not exactly sure why I choose to do so much traveling, but it should be fun. One of my resolutions this year is to take more pictures, so hopefully I will have some interesting ones. Initially we were planning to go to Greece and Turkey this summer, but Brian’s work schedule can’t work around that, so we opted for the southern hemisphere. He was supposed to have next month off before helping to open a new restaurant, but that got pushed back. Thankfully we had already made travel plans, so we’re going regardless.

I want to see your wedding website. And dress when you find one. And everything else related to it. I’m so excited! Okay, I’m off to work again to answer a ton of emails and hopefully eat some banh mi, which Brian said he was making.




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