Wedding Dress Decisions

24 Jan

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Dear Yolo,

I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I suppose it could be my new diet, in which the dominant food group is After Eight mints.

I wish Archie could meet Bear. It would be so awesome, just like when they do crossover episodes of the Law & Order spinoffs. I am impressed that Archie likes bread and food so much and plays with his gator. Bear is a bit more simple. Though he once stole these individually packaged Japanese crackers from the kitchen and put them all into a basket in the living room, but in general he is mostly interested in vessels containing water or other liquids and paper balls made from Netflix envelopes. We have tried making paper balls with other kinds of paper, but Bear only plays fetch with Netflix balls. And hair things. Sometimes he drops one of these items on my face in the middle of the night because he wants to play. He also likes to chew on feet, and likes attacking the TV when the xbox is on.

I’m not sure what else I can do to the wedding website without making it look like a cry for help, but if you know anyone who wants me to make them a wedding website let me know because I found it oddly therapeutic and satisfying and lord knows I have time on my hands at the moment.

When I was back in Seattle for Christmas break, I went and tried on wedding dresses with my mom, my future mother and law and my brother’s fiance, Christine. Actually, Christine made the appointment for me because she got her dress with her mom the day before. I thought it would be an interesting and pleasant bonding experience because neither of the moms wore a real wedding dress when they were married. (They eloped or had a hippie wedding-type thing.) Up to that point, I hadn’t tried on a single dress unless you count bridal shows I’ve done for work.

I felt really weird about trying on dresses. I hadn’t really mentally prepared for it, I hate trying on clothes and at that point we hadn’t even picked a date, so it was hard to take seriously. I didn’t expect my mom to be as excited as she was. She was so excited she managed to become nervous somehow and then talked about the dresses for two weeks afterward. I ended up really liking two dresses that were a part of their sample sale. One was a very simple and elegant white silk Vera Wang sheath but it was a little too conservative. I think it would be lovely for like, a second or third marriage. I tried on a bunch of Monique Lhuillier dresses but I’m just not that into lace. The one I really ended up liking is a Jenny Lee blush silk satin.  Yes, it’s pink and shiny. I’m getting married in a goddamn pagoda! I do what I want! I guess I am more asian than I thought.  Above are some pics of where I’m going with this. And I feel compelled to add that the dress looks way better on than on that mannequin.



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