We Need To Talk About Kevin

31 Jan

Dear Maroon,

I loooove that dress!! I think it will look amazing on you! I understand how harrowing the wedding dress experience can be (not really, but I can imagine), especially when you are with people projecting all of their wedding desires onto you, but you should go with the pink and happy, shiny. Holy crap, you’ll rock the shit out of whatever dress you wear, just make sure it’s one that you want to wear while an animated bird poses on your shoulder or quite frankly, you just want to wear and feel amazingly beautiful (or that would win in a drag queen competition). I really, really like that pink dress for you. It will rock the hell out of that pagoda…for some reason my mind just made up bird costumes for cats to wear and I would love to have a ‘draggle’ or ‘herd’ or ‘murder’ of cats to be in the background of something dressed as birds of paradise. Not at your wedding, but perhaps in the procession when you leave to your honeymoon….I’ll work on that.

Today is the first day I’ve had off since my last post and Brian has to work every day until we leave for vacation, which leaves me to plan and get everything together. I went down to the World Trade Center to exchange some currency, only to learn that apparently I need to order Argentinian pesos and they do not exchange Uruguayan pesos. Have to go back next Tuesday. I had sushi at Toshi in Little Tokyo downtown after and they had the freshest toro and hamachi. Like, just cut off the fish fresh, which was nice. We then went to Woori market, which is my go-to store other than Trader Joe’s and Albertson’s since they usually have cheaper produce and today they had live Dungeness crabs for $5.99 per pound. I bought one crab and am waiting for the cat to take interest in it.  I just put both in the bathtub together.

Brian’s brother bought a cat last year. He paid about $1000 for a Maine Coon from some people that deal in Main Coones. Initially he was going to name it “Kevin”, which is a great name for an expensive cat. Eventually they went with ‘Gus’ as in Augustus which is part of that cat’s heritage, blah blah. The picture above is of Kevin at about 20 lbs. They suspect he’ll  grow to be about 28-30 lbs, which makes me happy for obvious reasons. I held that cat and it is really soft and massive…it is also fairly docile which leads me to believe it will be really easy to steal and turn into a pillow. Thought I’d leave you with that for now. I also love and miss you.



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