Setting the Table at Downton Abbey

20 Feb

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Dear Yolo,

We have Downton Abbey madness. Maggie Smith is the SHIT, son! One of the little details I love about the show is the lavish, ritualistic dinners. It’s giving me positively evil ideas about what to put on my our wedding registry.

Here are the some pieces I would use to set my table for the bourgeois version of a Grantham dinner. I’ve provided a couple options, one aspirational and one more easily attainable. As for the guests: formal attire, gentile appetite, dry sense of humor and starched underpants required.

As a bonus, here’s a Daily Mail article about the research that goes into executing the DA dinner scenes. I tried to get Roscoe to agree to a Downtown Abbey themed wedding, but he said no. Blast!



Aspirational: Marie Antoinette Dinnerware by Reynaud. $539 5-piece Place Setting at Gracious
Attainable: Anna Weatherly Simply Elegant Gold Dinnerware. $188 5-piece Place Setting at

Aspirational: Apple Placecard Holders by Ercuis. $159 Set of 6 at  Gracious
Attainable: Love Bird Cardholders with Brushed Silver Finish. $20.90 Set of 8 at

Aspirational: Tiffany & Co Silver Salt Cellar and Footed Pepper Shaker. $152 at
Attainable: Vintage Silverplate Open Salt Cellar Set with Lion head. $42.95 at

Aspirational: Wedgwood Stemware, Knightsbridge Platinum Collection. $43-$50 at
Attainable: Vintage Pineapple Cut Stemware. $24 Set of 8 at 

Aspirational: International Silver “Joan of Arc” Sterling Silver 5-Piece Place Setting. $725 at
Attainable: Hampton Forge Flatware, Kingsley Gold. 45 Piece Set $130 at

Vintage Gold & Silver Candelabra. $122 at


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