Argentina Adventure: Chocolate & Ziplining

8 Mar
Villa Huinid

Villa Huinid

Dear Maroon,

We landed in Bariloche, Patagonia on a really ashy day. The Chilean volcano that erupted last June has apparently been fucking up the landing capabilities in Bariloche since then.

Our first inkling of this was the American black women on our flight who very loudly let everyone on the flight know that just a week prior the Bariloche airport was shut down due to visibility restrictions from volcanic ash. They knew a guy who had to go back to Buenos Aires via bus because of the ash cloud.

Now, I’m not going to lie…I had heard about the volcano but we paid a shit ton of money to fly into Bariloche and there was no way in fucking hell that I was going to take a 20 hour bus ride back to Buenos Aires (no kidding, that is how long the bus takes). They said they knew a guy who had to get back that way because the airport was closed. Not happening to me.

Anyhow, we stayed at Villa Huinid, a lovely place on the lake. (All my pics are below) The first full day we were there we went zip-lining. Sooo much fun. I got a bit nervous standing on the shitty makeshift stands 80 feet in the air but I will gladly zipline through any treetops again. There was a point where one could see the entirety of the lake basin while hurling oneself on a cable a few hundred feet up. Do it if you ever can. It’s so much fun. Our nights in Bariloche were well spent. More on that in my food post.We met a British couple that live in Scotland on our ziplining adventure. They spent a 22 hr flight to get to Buenos Aires and then spent a few days riding horses with the gauchos at La Pampa. Apparently they had suffered through no fewer than two 18-hour plus bus rides which made me feel okay that I had spent so much money on airfare back and forth from Buenos Aires and Bariloche (its a fortune, seriously).I will tell you about our rafting experience in the next installment, but I would like to wax poetic about the chocolate in Bariloche. It is otherwordly, it is swiss integrity and chocolate-making at its best…and in the land where chocolate comes from. I am attaching pictures of Mamushka, the finest place for chocolates and Rapa Nui, where we had the best dulce de leche and gianduia ice cream ever. Nothing comes close here. They have hand carved and painted entrances that invite you into the sacred chocolate spaces. Do not be fooled by the amateur pics i culled from the interwebs, these places are divine.I’ll talk about the river rafting trip later, but the pic of the hawk was while I walked to the lake and it followed me. It was raining too hard the last day to get any good pictures of the Arctic Ibis (no idea how to pluralize, but their golden heads were awesome). More later!Love,

Photos of Villa Huinid Resort & Spa, San Carlos de Bariloche
This photo of Villa Huinid Resort & Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Zip Lining!

Zip Lining!

Chocolate Fountain in Rapa Nui

Chocolate Fountain in Rapa Nui

The best chocolates come from Mamushka

The best chocolates come from Mamushka

An Arctic Ibis


Argentina Map


3 Responses to “Argentina Adventure: Chocolate & Ziplining”

  1. Victor Tribunsky March 8, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    Writing, photography and travel all seem to go hand in hand! Happy travels )

  2. dearmaroon March 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    I want to go! I desperately want to go just to eat the chocolate… it had never occurred to me that it might be the best ever since chocolate actually comes from South America. Why does Mamushka look Russian? (It’s so cute looking!) Is there a lot of Russian influence in the region?

    • dearyolo March 14, 2012 at 1:30 am #

      The chocolate there is seriously the best ever. I have no idea why it’s Russian themed, but it makes for an awesome display. The chocolaterias are sort of like birds of paradise. You can somewhat judge their contents based on the impressiveness and colorfulness of their display windows. When we got to our hotel the guy at the desk warned us to be careful of all the shitty chocolate shops (Del Turista in particular – that name says it all). He said they often pander to tourists and reuse their old chocolate. Thankfully we got that tip and I tell you, it was awesome at Mamuschka. The dulce de leche filled, white chocolate and pistachio, pistachio, pistachio (that is what is was called) were my favorites. They had other amazing ones too. I miss it.

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