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An Act of Whimsy

26 Feb

Dear Yolo,

Are you back from Argentina yet? Man. Ok, anyway– last week Maya Rudolph hosted SNL and it was the best one they’ve done in a million years. Do you remember when we saw the Groundlings our freshman year? We saw her!

My favorite is that Maya Angelou sketch. And as a tribute to the Oscars tonight, here’s a sketch where she’s playing Beyonce below. Taran Killam does a hilarious Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake is Bon Iver. It’s awesome.

Love ya!


I found this when I was cleaning out an old notebook from college. That night we say Maya Rudolph, Cheryl Hines and Will Forte before they hit the big time.


An Extra Sleeve for Dreams and Ideas

13 Feb

Dear Yolo,

Bahahaha! You have left me alone with our blog! Right now, I imagine you are probably somewhere in Santiago, bartering for chewing gum and Tempranillo with packs of feral children, gnawing on fine steaks and… flamenco-ing your face off? I hope you are wearing sensible footwear.

Here’s a welcome home present for you from me. Ok, it’s from Zooey Deschanel’s SNL episode from last Saturday but I swear it’s actually really good.


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