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Sashay! Shante!

24 Feb

Dear Yolo,

Captain’s Log:  Day 2 at QVC. I have slept for 2.5 hours in the last 48 hours. I have consumed strange cafeteria foods like crinkle cut fries and eaten mysteriously-sauced soggy breaded chicken… copious amounts of Mike & Ikes. The QVC madness is upon me.

Yesterday night, your email address was hacked because you sent me an email with a link for buying life insurance. I have to tell you I am disappointed your hacker was not more articulate. This was such a lazy hack. You deserve at least to be hacked by one of those guys claiming to be a Nigerian Prince with an elaborate story that includes buried treasure, international intrigue and the gift of hundreds of thousands of dollars… all mine in exchange for a simple act of goodwill– oh, and my bank account number.  Those emails are always written in the most stilted and charmingly bizarre prose. I wish whomever was teaching those guys English would come to the states and teach Americans too.

So anyhoo, I have been entertaining myself by Dragulating my co-workers. I have had some very talented make-up artists dragulating me for real so I feel I can only return the favor the best way I know how: with my iPhone. The evidence is above and below. Note my liberal use of the “hot dog” accessory.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is pretty much the best show, and definitely the best reality show ever on tv. It is total and complete entertainment. It is the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell of television shows. If you have not watched it, you must. It’s on the Logo network or you can just watch it online here. Seasons 2 and 3 are the best. Do you already watch it?

So. Tired.

xxo Maroon

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