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Let’s All Be Unpretentious & Groovy

15 Mar Simon Doonan

Dear Yolo,

I was just reading a mini-interview with Simon Doonan on Refinery. He’s a stylist guy, writes articles for the Slate, just came out with a book called Gay Men Don’t Get Fat (I know!) and he also does the window displays at Barneys.  I really liked a couple of his quotes so I thought I’d share. The third one cracked me up. Pirates. Always funny.

What are some women’s trends you’re hating on right now?
“I don’t hate anything in fashion. Everything is okay as long as you do it with enough conviction. Hating on stuff is what causes mediocrity and conformism. It makes people nervous and cautious and they start reining in their flamboyant impulses. So you could say ‘I hate hating.'”

Who was your fashion idol growing up?
“Twiggy was my idol. She was a working class kook with a truly idiosyncratic look. (I related.) And she never tried to be cool and remote. She was always unpretentious and groovy. And still is.”

What was the most outrageous costume you wore out to a club?
“I was very big into the New Romantic movement in the early 80’s. I thought nothing of leaving my house dressed as a pirate. I was recruited for that Bette Davis Eyes video with Kim Carnes. That’s me in the Westwood squiggle T-shirt… and pirate hat!”

That’s all for now!


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