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Coping With My Sneaker Wedge Madness

3 Mar Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers

I want these. So does everyone else.

Dear Yolo,

Have you been seeing a lot of designer high top sneakers and/or sneaker wedges on the ladies in LA? When I first started working more in New York three years ago, I noticed that quite a few of the other models would wear throw back high top Nike sneakers with their skinny jeans. It looked kinda cool, but I wasn’t immediately sold. I think acid wash jeans were enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the time as well so I was very suspicious that most emerging trends at the time were part of some larger conspiracy to encourage me to dress like a refugee from the Eastern Block.

Once I actually started living in New York and started walking a million miles every day, I realized how practical and wonderful it would be to have a pair of comfortable, jazzy sneakers. But since I’m not a 6′ glamazon, I feel like I have to wear nicer shoes (I am wearing the shit outta this pair of Fry boots) so no one mistakes me for their cleaning lady. So I’m pretty excited that we have the cute sneakers trend to look forward to, jump-started by Isabel Marant’s Willow sneakers pictured above which everyone who was awesome (I’m not sure I actually mean awesome) was wearing at the last round of Fashion Week. They have a hidden wedge so you can look like a slightly taller anime character and stalk the streets of New York comfortably. The Willow sneakers are kinda unattainable because a) they’re sold out and b) even if they weren’t sold out, they’re $760. I suppose that sounds reasonable to those who spend more monthly on their pet’s Reiki sessions. I have found them at a mark up on eBay alongside cheaper Chinese bootleg versions.

I have been shopping for Willow-like sneakers for the common folk. There are already a couple acceptable substitutes. I am currently pursuing a pair of black Netz from Aldo. They’re totally sold out in the US but they’re still available for Canadian citizens on their Canadian website on sale for $29.99. I am actually trying to purchase them through some Canadian who owes my Dad a favor. Sure, it’s getting weird.

Ash also makes a few different versions of sneaker wedges. They have some nice colors, but they’re a little expensive and there’s something about the wedge that seems just a little off to me… what do you think?

The End,


Ash Bowie Wedge Sneakers available at ShopbopASOS and Urban Outfitters.

Aldo Netz Wedge available at ALDO CANADA  and there are also a few sizes left at ASOS.

Nine West Lana Wedge Sneaker (bottom center) available at Nine West.

Giuseppe Zannotti 90MM Suede and Leather Sneaker Wedges available at Luis Via Roma.

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