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Style Inspired by Shirley Maclaine in ‘Gambit’

29 Mar Style Inspired by Gambit

Style Inspired by Gambit

  1. Scarab Pendant Earrings $224 at NoirJewelry.com
  2. 5 Color Harmony for Eyes – 13 Candy by YSL $56 at Sephora.com
  3. Black and Gold Suede Platform Sandals by Marc Jacobs $420 at Stylebop.com
  4. Spring 2009 RTW Collection by Tibi find on eBay.com

Dear Yolo,

I caught Gambit (1966) the other day on Netflix Instant to feed my Michael Caine obsession which was ignited by watching Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon imitate him in The Trip (if you haven’t seen that, you must immediately. It’s hilarious. I think I’ve seen it like, six times now. ).

It stars Michael Caine as cockney (way to push the envelope, Caine!) cat burgler Harry Dean and a young, crazily gorgeous Shirley Maclaine as Hong Kong dancer Nicole Chang.  It’s a light-hearted caper flick where cat burgler guy uses the good-hearted babe as bait for this mega rich middle eastern dude so he can steal a priceless artifact that belongs to the mega rich guy. And you’ll never guess what happens next! It’s not bad, but it’s not good. Yet, for some reason it got three Oscar nominations that year.

Persian Blue Bolero $36 at A-hem Vintage at Etsy.com

Persian Blue Bolero $36 at A-hem Vintage at Etsy.com

So while the storyline was pretty blah, I was totally enamored with the look of the film. MacLaine looks FLAWLESS.  Seriously, I had no idea she used to be so hot! The movie is of that era where any place aside from Europe was lumped under the nebulous header ‘The Orient’.  Characters in the movie, the sets and Maclaine’s look are a bizarre, made for Western-consumption mish-mash of pretty much every culture and country that exists from Japan to India to Saudi Arabia . Though it’s hardly accurate, (or politically correct) the stylized look is colorful, exotic and completely beguiling.

I was totally inspired by the look and since I already was BORN rocking the whole Eurasian thing… why not go all the way?

Isn’t that Persian Blue Bolero so cool? Click here to visit A-hem Vintage’s Etsy store. Lots of great vintage prints and I just noticed…20% off until April 1st. The code is their homepage.

p.s. Get ready for the re-make of Gambit with Cameron Diaz playing Maclaine’s role. Guaranteed it won’t have the charm and style of the original.  Can someone please come up with some original movies?

Style inspired by Gambit, Shirley Maclaine

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  1. Floral One-Shoulder Dress $120 by Oasis at Oasis-stores.com
  2. Matte Gold Filigree Dangle Earring $23 from JulianaWJewelry at Etsy.com
  3. All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $20 by Stila at Sephora.com
  4. Lollipop by Essie $8 at Duane Reade or Walgreen’s
  5. 18k Gold over Stainless Steel Filigree Design Cuff Bracelet $21.24 at Overstock.com
  6. Red Dragon & Phoenix Cheongsam $99 at MyiDress.com
  7. Ariadne Earrings $35 from SacredGallery at Esty.com
  8. Gold Coin Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane $92 ON SALE at Net-a-porter.com
  9. Oriental Floral Dress by Oasis $129 at Oasis-stores.com

Spring Wardrobe Update #1: Wood Platform Sandals

19 Mar
Leather and Wood Sandals, See by Chloe $355 at Netaporter.com

Leather and Wood Sandals, See by Chloe $355 at Netaporter.com

Dear Yolo,

Winter in New York this past year was comparatively, but it’s finally starting to get warmer and I am sooooo ready for spring. So ready!

I long to wear sandals and tank tops and skirts.  My skin is blindingly shade of sickly pale right now, but I care not. And I’m happy to say after what seems like years of clothes that mostly looked good on hangers or pregnant women, there are actually a lot of really pretty, interesting and flattering styles being foisted upon us for Spring and Summer 2012.

For those of us who aren’t heiresses or have a masochistic desire for crippling credit card debt, one must be selective about the pieces you purchase to update your closet. I plan to update my closet for Spring with 5 Key Pieces. This is the first post of the series so stay tuned!

#1. Wood Platform Sandals
I remember getting my first pair in 8th grade. They were  platform clog style sandals by Chillis. I wish I still had those!

While I still have a pair or two of wood platforms in my closet, I have no second thoughts investing in another pair. They show up on one runway or another in some incarnation every year and nearly every season.

Wood platforms are reminiscient of the 70s, but but clean lines and more refined details make a more classic looking design.  Most wedges don’t flatter short, or more athletic leg shapes and can make your leg look heavier. Instead, go for a heel heel in a neutral color. Like the wedge it lengthens your leg but gives you  a thinner, more lady-like and flattering silhouette. Select a pair with clean lines, minimal detailing and in neutral colors and you’ll be able to continue wearing these year after year.

How to Wear
You really can pair your platforms with just about anything which is why they’re on this list. Skinny jeans, long trouser-style jeans/pants, capri pants, skirts (like a maxi skirt– more on this later).  You can even wear some of the styles below with tights or cute little ankle socks.

Best Wood Platform Sandals

Listed left to right and top to bottom

1. Tweed and Leather Sandals, See by Chloe  $365 Saksfifthavenue.com

2. T-bar Sandal, See by Chloe $379 at Farfetch.com

3. Embossed Anaconda Clog by Fendi $830 at BergdorfGoodman.com

4. Leather and Wood Sandals, See by Chloe $355 at Netaporter.com

5. Patent Leather and Wood Tribute by Yves Saint Laurent $1095 at Netaporter.com

6. Leather T-Bar Sandals by Grey Mer $636 at Luisviaroma.com


Best Wood Platform Sandals

Listed left to right and top to bottom

1. Deborah by Kork-Ease $155 at Piperlime.com

2. Bitten Suede Platform Heeled Sandals with T-bar, ASOS $134 at ASOS.com

3. Talia by Calvin Klein Jeans $99 at Zappos.com

4. Miner by Vince Camuto $118 at Zappos.com

5. Daron by NYLA $87.99 ON SALE at Heels.com

6. Teardrop by Mia $65 at Piperlime.com

7. Tako Heel by Guess $85.49 ON SALE at Heels.com

8. Randy, Lucky Brand $87.99 at Heels.com

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